Electron-based Tutorials

Electron is an open-source framework for developing desktop GUI applications that run cross-platform - on Windows, MacOS, and Linux computers. It bundles Node.js and a scaled down version of Google's Chrome browser called Chromium. You code it with familiar web technologies - HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

  • How to release an Electron app on the Mac App Store

  • Node-based Tutorials

    MERN (Mongo-Express-React-Node) Stack uses an API built with Node.js, the light-weight Express web framework, and MongoDB database. The API provides endpoints that can be used with any front end application (mobile or web). React is a popular JavaScript based front end library. CRUD (Create-Read-Update-Delete) are the standard database operations performed on database records.

    Build a GraphQL MERN Stack CRUD application - 2 part tutorial series

  • Part 1: Build a GraphQL API with Node.js using Apollo-Server Tutorial
  • Part 1 (alternative): Build a GraphQL API with Node.js using Express-Graphql Tutorial
  • Part 2: Build a React app with GraphQL Tutorial
  • Introductory React with Redux API Call Tutorials

  • World's Simplest Redux with APIs Example
  • Basic React and Redux with Hooks API Call Tutorial
  • Build a MERN Stack CRUD Application - 3 part tutorial series:

  • Part 1: Build an API with Node.js, Express and MongoDB
  • Part 2: Build the React Front End (3 options):
  • Part 3: Deploy a MERN app to Heroku

  • Rails-based Tutorials

    Rails API with React Front End Tutorials

  • Build an API with Ruby on Rails
  • Build a React CRUD Interface
  • Deploy a Rails API with React Front End to Heroku
  • Integrate React in a Rails Application with Webpacker
  • Add authentication to a Rails and React app using JSON Web Tokens
  • Build a Rails API with a React and Redux Client Tutorial
  • Build Your Own Rails - Walks you though building a simplified MVC framework for building websites

  • Intro
  • Part 1 - Rack, Webservers and HTTP
  • Part 2 - Structure
  • Part 3 - Routes
  • Part 4 - Controllers and Views
  • Part 5 - Models and Database
  • Part 6 - Support Module
  • Part 7 - Make it a Gem
  • Rails Miscellaneous Tutorials

  • Error Handling and Debugging Ruby Code
  • Rails Datetimepicker with Bootstrap 4